Provided by: Helena Holm

Bälingeberget Nature Reserve

Mountain Bälingeberget is an easily reached nature reserve where traces of the inland ice are clearly visible; remains include large areas of rubble fields, shoreline embankments where you can see the different levels of the sea, caves and long erosion boundaries. Inspection has revealed nearly 200 different varieties of plants in the area. The reserve has a number of easily accessible trails, picnic areas with fireplaces and wood, toilets and waste disposal facilities.
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Ormberget’s Outdoor Center

At mountain Ormberget you´ll have a fantastic view over Luleå both summer and winter and there is a restaurant on the top. Visiting Ormberget during winter - choose between down hill skiing or cross country skiing. The ski slope is particularly good for children and beginners. Visiting Ormberget during summer - choose one of all the extensive jogging tracks or try the outdoor gym. If you want to have a little extra fun, try the sledding slope during winter or the adventure trails by bike during summer.
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