Ronneby Brunnspark

A beautiful, award winning park and a living cultural reserve. The park in itself feels like a health cure. There are alot of acitivities throughout the whole year; the charming Café Mandeltårtan, a flea market, music events and festivals. In the 1870s a spring in the park became very popular to drink from, and people from the whole country started travelling to Ronneby Brunnspark to drick from the spring as a way to improve their health. Still today, visitors come to Ronneby Brunspark for the same reason; to feel good.
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Sölvesborg has a well-preserved city center with old buildings that have emerged in the shelter of the castle of Sölvesborg, the medieval Danish national castle, which in recent years has also been called castle because Danish royals often stayed here.

Blekinge - wonderful waters

Blekinge wonderful waters… Our waters is our everything, warm coves, cold water depths, flowing streams, turquoise bays, cities build for the water, on the water.

Naval City of Karlskrona - World Heritage

Karlskrona is included in the World Heritage list. It is the best preserved and most complete naval city that remains from the 16th and 17th centuries. It is an incredible experience, seeing som much history in everything from the battalions and fortifications to the bridges and churches. There is the Rope Walk of Lindholmen, Trossö, Drottningskär Citadel and Kungsholmens Fortress. Take a guided tour. The Visitor's Centre in the summer is the Church of the Holy Trinity at Stortorget.
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Karlskrona Byggnadsvård & Inredning

Karlskrona Byggnadsvård & Inredning is Blekinge's most well-known building conservation shop, located in Karlskrona Lamp factory's old premises from 1899. In addition to a wide range of linseed paint, wallpaper, fittings, lighting and everything else that includes traditional building care, it also sell interior decorations and gift items of varying sizes. The producers are mostly local- everything exclusively from Sweden and Europe. Also, the shop offers all the varieties from the old traditional well known Karlskrona Lamp factory who is still manufaturing next door.
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Olofströms Canoe Centre

In the recreational area at Halen, Nature Reserve the Olofström's canoe central is situated. Here you can rent both canoe and kayak to paddle in Blekinge's biggest lake Halen. You can also paddle in a canoe trail between the lakes, Halen, Raslången, Gill Lake and Filkesjö. Glide across the sparkling lake and experience the primeval forest scents. Why not sleep under the stars? Blekinge has an amazing nature! Olofströms Canoe Centre is also just next to Halens Campsite with a beautiful camping ground and cottages.
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Gourmettur i Blekinge

Are you a group of minimum 15 people? Go on an inspiring full day trip to four fantastic food producers in the country side in Blekinge. Taste the good food and drinks. How about wine from one of Sweden's largest vineyards, traditional smoked fish, wild deer and award-winning goat cheese? The day starts at Orranäs Dairy Farm, see how a dairy farm works, shop and taste award-winning goat cheese. The ssecond stop is Sturkö Rökeri, a fish smoke house where you will be served lunch. After lunch, it is time for Vingården Stora Boråkra. See the vineyard, listen to how it works to produce wine and taste the wine as a finishing touch. The last stop is at Askunga Dovvilt, hear the story about the business, shop in the well-stocked farm shop and finish with a tasting plate or dinner. It will be a lovely and tasty day in Blekinge.
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Tjärö is a pearl in the Blekinge archipelago with meadows, grazing cattle, stoneware and lush hiking trails. The beautiful island is a nature reserve - also good for swimming and canoeing. Enjoy the floating sauna or why not jump in the ocean from the death cliff? There is a jetty with café and restaurant. Take the boat from Järnavik or Karlshamns inner harbour. It's also possible to spend the night here. At Tjärö there are double rooms, multi-bed rooms or you can rent your own cabin by the sea. The accommodation is in the 17th and 19th century with charming red cottages and white knots. All the houses are idyllically located in a small town in the middle of the island. There are also rooms for 1 to 6 people.
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