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Bari, a busy port city on the Adriatic coast might not be a major tourist destination but for sure a charming city that do not lack in history and culture. Bari has many stunning sites to offer its tourists, such as the Cattedrale Di San Sabino, known as one of the most important attractions in town or why not head over to the Castel Del Monte, a unique medieval manor house, 70 kilometres from the centre of Bari! Additionally, don´t forget to enjoy a walk in the beautiful Orto Botanico or discover the Grotte Di Castellana - the famous caves of Castellana! All the tourist highlights can easily be visited on foot, and while you are on the go, do not miss the old town where you can capture some photos of the medieval buildings or take a nice stroll by the harbour and enjoy the beautiful sea view and watch fishermen at work.

Velo Service

With Velo Service you can get to know the city by bike. This is a fun way to discover the town with an expert guide who takes you to the most typical and charming places, or maybe, you could also choose the best bike and plan your own tour to explore the city! There is a third alternative, you can visit the heart of Bari in a comfortable and modern Rickshaw. The guide will take you to the most important places, telling you stories and anecdotes about the town and its people.
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