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Chania is the main shopping centre for all of western Crete. Stroll in the narrow lanes of its Old Town to discover numerous interesting small shops. The town has a useful covered market and fascinating specialist shopping streets to explore. In Chania’s Old Town, many of the lanes are crammed with enticing little shops, some selling tourist knick-knacks and souvenirs, others with better merchandise such as imaginative gold and silver jewellery.

Good buys from around €7 include crochet bags and beadwork, local rugs and kilims and authentic Greek bath sponges. Don’t miss narrow Skridlof Street, a traditional leatherworkers’ lane where bargains include high quality handmade goods such as handbags, purses, shoes and sandals. There’s also a metalworkers’ lane, Sifaka Street.

Where Old Town and modern city meet, the fine Covered Market, or Agora (Mousouron street) is the focal point of the town. More a shopping mall than a marketplace, it provides a cool haven where locals throng among shops and stalls offering every kind of local produce, alluring pastries, piles of olives, fragrant herbs and spices, and appetising cheeses like delicious Cretan graviera and mizithra.