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Hannover boasts a selection of tourist attractions that – from unique sights and activities to relaxing gardens and square – attract numerous visitors throughout the whole year. During the day, you can sail on idyllic Lake Steinhude or ride through a picturesque heartland scenery on the back of a horse, and in the evening, big-city delights can be enjoyed at the opera, at a concert or aa variety show. While its museums cover subjects from history and art to literature and music, the architecture of both the city's centre and the outspread areas is a feast for the eyes that also happens – for both, in- and outside – at the State Opera and the State Theatre, which will try and succeed in alluding your taste.

The Red Thread Tour

This 'do-it-yourself' tour will give you the chance to experience the city on your own, and all you have to do is to follow the red thread that is painted on the pavement. Weaving its way through the inner city, this route will pass 36 prime attractions and also gives a proper overview about the city centre's shape and structure. The tour starts and finishes at the Tourist Information, where you can also purchase informative brochures that describe the interesting building and monuments that you will meet along your way.
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Hannover Museum of History

This museum is a goldmine for all those who are interested in the history of both the state and the city: while the permanent exhibition '750 years of Hannover' display the changes down the centuries, the 'History of the City' section traces back the development from a medieval town to a sizable city. The third department informs about the rural life between the 17th and the 20th century while temporary exhibitions feature different themes and numerous events.
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