Kadi-Liis Koppel

Draakoni Gallery

Draakoni primarily shows work by young Estonian artists, with foreign art exhibitions a few times a year. The "inside of the Dragon" usually contains pictures in various techniques, often 3D objects as well, and performance art events are organised from time to time downstairs in the cellar room. The gallery's salesroom has a large selection of contemporary Estonian prints, paintings and photographs. The gallery, founded in 1983, is located in the Old Town in an Art Nouveau building featuring dragons in the facade. It is run by the Estonian Artists' Association.
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Liina Viira

Swedish-Estonian designer Liina Viira plays with traditional Estonian patterns and interprets those along the lines of contemporary street fashion. The result is a knitwear collection featuring bold colours and fashionable cuts. The selection includes: dresses, sweaters, jackets, leggings, skirts, mittens, wrist-warmers, leg-warmers, beanies, caps, scarves and bags. The designer's creations follow the principles of using natural materials and sustainable production processes. All items are made of pure wool and made by skilled Estonian craftsmen.
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