The Best Travel Guide to Pilsen
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Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Beer has been produced in this brewery since 1842, and it made the city of Pilsen world-widely known while establishing the name 'Pils' or 'Pislener' for every bottom fermented lager. While the guided tour of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery will take you through an interactive exposition, with historical as well as modern operations of the recent production line, it will end in the brewery's cellars for tasting non-filtered Pilsner Urquell beer. Do also stop by at the museum, at the original brewery house from the beginning of the 15th century, for learning more about beer brewing and its culture by interactive expositions and interesting exhibits.
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The Czech Republic, and especially Pilsen, is known for the beer from Pilsner Urquell, but the city and the surrounding region boast several other, rather smaller breweries that are well worth a visit. Have a look, or tasting, around and take home some of your favourites: Purkmistr Selská náves 21/2, Pilsen +420 37 799 4311 U Pašáka Poděbradova 12, Pilsen +420 37 794 6012 Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-11pm. Sat 11am-11pm Beer Factory Dominikánská 8, Pilsen +420 37 942 2526 Opening hourse: Mon-Thu 11am-12am. Fri-Sat 11am-1am. Sun 11am-11pm
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St Bartholomew's Cathedral

This Gothic cathedral on the Republic Square creates a dominant feature not only for the square and the historical centre but also for the city's whole silhouette. Its majestic interior is definitely worth a visit, as on the main altar, the world-wide known Pilsen Madonna – the most famous work of the Czech Gothic style– can be admired, while on the rear side outside the cathedral, one of the small metal-forged angels will let your wishes, with a touch, become true. You can also visit the tower, the highest one in the Czech Republic, that features wonderful views over the surrounding region.
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Loos Interiors

These unique architectonic gems were created by the world-famous architect Adolf Loos in the early 20th century, and while they include eight apartment interiors that were occupied by rich investors of the Jewish community, four of them are open for the public: the Apartment of the Kraus Family (10 Bendova Street), the Apartment of Doctor Vogl (12 Klatovska Street), the Brummel House (58 Husova Street) and the Semler House (110 Klatovska Street, under construction until 2021). Apart from experiencing the extraordinary first-republic design, a guided tour provides an interesting insight into the Jewish community's life and fate, as each of the interiors hides its own story of fate, and these stories simultaneously illustrate historic events of WW II, and consequently of the Communist regime as well.
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Historic Underground of Pilsen

This spacious maze of the Pilsen Historical Underground corridors is one of the biggest undergrounds in the Czech Republic, originated in the 14th century already. While a guided tour will get you familiar with the everyday life under a medieval city, you will also learn about the origin of the Pilsen Historical Underground and its various purposes in general. Do also drop in at the Brewery museum close by, as the tour's visitors of 18 years+ will also get some beer in the end.
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Techmania Science Center

Thanks to modern technologies the Pilsen, the 3D planetarium at Techmania Science Center ranks among the best facilities of its kind in within Europe, and itenables the whole family to travel in space faster than light to see almost 160 thousand of stars. While offering exhibitions with various subjects – from underground spaces to water worlds – you can here experience a wide range of movies about the Moon and the Earth's history as well as the sky above Pilsen without light pollution.
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Patton Memorial Pilsen

This memorial is the only museum in the Czech Republic dedicated to the US Army, reminding of the unforgettable happenings at the end of WW II. As exhibiting more than 1500 items about the liberation of Pilsen by the allied armies, with showing personal objects of soldiers, parts of armaments, sanitary material and equipment for sports, the local stay of American soldiers from May to November 1945 and the period of the post-war reconciliation are displayed most detailed.
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Zoo and Botanical Garden

The zoo is the perfect place for a family trip, as you will here find more than 1,300 animal species in an attractive hilly area with small lakes and ponds as well as arboretum and rocks. A pair of Indian rhinoceros and Rothschild´s giraffes are considered to be one of its biggest stars, but you will meet an open-space outdoor ground for monkeys and the second largest bear garden in Europe. The botanical part of this venue, with a meditation Japanese garden, invites you to relax after experiencing the wildlife, and for catching breath again.
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