The Best Travel Guide to Pilsen
Provided by: Libor Sváček, archív

St Bartholomew's Cathedral

The Gothic cathedral on the Republic Square creates a dominant feature not only for the square and the historical centre. Together with its tower it also completes the silhouette of the whole city. Its majestic interior is definitely worth visiting. On the main altar there is a world-wide known Pilsen Madonna, the most famous work of the Czech Gothic style. On the rear side outside the cathedral you can find a number of small metal-forged angels, one of them will make your dream come true if you touch it, or at least that is what the legend says. You can also visit the tower which is the highest in the Czech Republic. It offers a wonderfull view of the surrounding region.
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Guided Tours of Loos Interiors (Bendova 10 a Klatovská 12)

The unique architectonic gem which was created in Pilsen by a world-famous architect Adolf Loos in the 30´s of the 20th century for rich investors of the Jewish community, consists of a collection of eight apartment interiors. Apart from experiencing the extraordinary first-republic design the guided tours of the Loos Interiors provide an interesting inside view into the life style of the Jewish community at the time of the origin of the interiors. Each of the interiors hides its own story of the fate of the families which lived there. But the Loos Interiors are not only the reflection of the period when they were made. The stories of their inhabitants simultaneously illustrate historic event of the Second World War and consequently of the Communist regime as well. The results of Loos's work in Pilsen belong among his masterpieces together with the Villa Müller in Prague, the House of Tristan Tsara in Paris or the department store Goldman & Salatsch in Vienna. Since April 2015, two unique guided tours of three apartment interiors have been open to public. You can also visit the Brummel House designed by Adolf Loos ( We recommend to book your tickets in advance.
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Great Synagogue

Not many people know that in Pilsen the largest synagogue in the Czech Republic is situated. This synagogue is also the second largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the whole world. During your visit of the city you should not miss the opportunity to visit the place. It provides evidence of the existence of rich Jewish community in the city before the World War II and its complete destruction in the Holocaust. During the World War II the synagogue was used as a storing place. Recently it has been reconstructed and thanks to its amazing acoustic properties it is often used for concerts.
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The former industrial area of the public transport depot which was used until last year for repairing and parking of trolleybuses and buses, has been recently changed into an interesting space which breathes by its creative atmosphere. The premises of the DEPO2015 are used as a creative incubator for beginning artists and start-up projects. Furthermore, it offers interesting industrial interior which may be suitable for many types of cultural events and interesting exhibitions.
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The Pilsen Historical Underground

A spacious maze of the Pilsen Historical Underground corridors which is one of the biggest undergrounds located in the Czech Republic originated already in the 14th century. Today only a small part is open for public. The guided tour will get you familiar with the everyday life under a medieval city. You will learn about the origin of the Pilsen Historical Underground and about its various purposes. For the visitors older than 18 years of age the tour includes tasting of beer. The Pilsen Historical Underground is located on the same place as the Brewery Museum.
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3D Planetarium in Techmania Science Center

Thanks to the modern technologies the Pilsen 3D planetarium belongs among the best facilities of its kind in Europe. It enables the whole family to travel in space faster than light, to see almost 160 thousand of stars or to observe facebook darkness over China and North Korea via American satellite NOAH. It offers a wide range of movies which let you travel to the Moon, discover the story of the Earth since its birth and watch the sky above Pilsen without light pollution. On the same location you will also find a modern science centre called Techmania.
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Patton Memorial Pilsen

The only museum in the Czech Republic dedicated to the US Army shows to its visitors more than 1500 displays mapping the liberation of Pilsen by the allied armies, the local stay of American soldiers since May to November 1945 and the period of the post-war reconciliation. The exposition reminds us of the unforgettable memories of the historic event at the end of the World War II. Here, you will see personal objects of soldiers, parts of armaments and armour, sanitary material and equipment for sport and leisure.
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Brewery Museum

The Brewery Museum protects the legend of beer and beer brewing. The original brewery house from the beginning of the 15th century, in which the Museum is located, breathes with the medieval atmosphere and shows you the secrets of beer production, serving and drinking since the old times up to now. A new interactive exposition helps the visitors to see even more exposition items from the area of beer brewing and its culture. A new mobile phone application offers a virtual visit in 10 foreign languages. You can finish the visit in the traditional Pilsen pub Na Parkánu which is located in the same house.
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Zoo and Botanical Garden in Pilsen

The Zoo is a perfect place for a family trip. You will find it in the attractive hilly area with small lakes and ponds, arboretum and rocks. More than 1300 animal species live here. A pair of Indian rhinoceros and Rothschild´s giraffes are considered to be one of its biggest stars. You will find here an open-space outdoor ground for monkeys and felids and the second largest bear garden in Europe. There is also a unique exhibition called the Life in the Underground. The botanical part with meditation Japanese garden and a rural homestead Lüftnerka with domestic animals are also located in the zoo.
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