San Juan - Cafes

San Juan is blessed with year-round tropical weather, so don’t be surprised when you see sidewalks peppered with umbrella-covered tables and chairs — or decks — allowing visitors to enjoy the outdoors. Most restaurants that offer outside seating also have air-conditioned dining for extra comfort.

Café Manolín Old San Juan

Manolín is a 60-year-old institution in Old San Juan. The café offers a complete menu of moderately-priced breakfast staples and lunch specialties. Ordering dessert and fresh-brewed coffee are musts.

Address251 San Justo St., Viejo San Juan
Phone+1 787 723 9743
More InfoOld San Juan

Cafe Cuatro Sombras

Cafe Cuatro Sobras has excellent coffee, there’s no doubt about that. The coffee beans they use are 100% arabica, straight from the mountains of Yauco. Apart from the great coffee, the service is also friendly and efficient.

Address259 Calle Recinto Sur
Phone+1 787 724 9955

Aromas Coffeehouse

Aromas Coffeehouse is fairly new, and has already established itself as a high-quality coffee house with great service and a more modern approach to the decor than the other places in San Juan. They have gone through a great deal of trouble to create the perfect coffee, and it seems to have paid off. It’s delish!

Address201B Tetuan Street


Pelayo´s is famous for one thing, and that is breakfast. They serve omelettes, banana pancakes, eggs Benedict, french toast, superb espresso and much more. There is an informal and friendly atmosphere and the prices are reasonable.

Address71 Calle Luisa
Phone+1 787 724 0999

La Tortuga

La Tortuga is one of very few places that open early in the morning. Great place for breakfast or snacks.

Address116 Calle San Sebastian