Surabaya - Essential Information
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Juanda International Airport

Juanda International Airport is located just outside Surabaya. Facilities include currency exchange, post office, business centre, tourist information desk, car rental desks and tax free shopping. Fixed price taxis operate from a rank outside the Arrivals terminal, and all major hotels offer mini-bus shuttle transfers or chauffeur-driven meet-and-greet service. Bus service operates between the airport and the Bungurasih bus station. Using the bus is only recommended if your route continues from here to other destinations, and you are planning to continue your journey by bus.
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Public transport

For the visitor, the deluxe air conditioned buses which operate on the cross-town routes are the best public transport option. Key points in the city are also connected by city express buses, operating on two main routes. For all services you can buy tickets on board. Bemos (small mini-buses) operate on set routes but without a timetable, and leave only when all seats are filled. One of the best ways to see the local environs is to charter a bemo for the day. You can also charter a bemo for a single journey on the same basis, and this can be the most cost effective way of getting around the city.
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Surabaya has plenty of taxis, but meters lag behind fare inflation and negotiating a fare can be tricky unless you speak Bahasa Indonesia, as few drivers speak any other language. Drivers should carry a rate sheet showing the current fare to most destinations - check the fare before getting in. More sensibly, ask your hotel or restaurant to call a cab for you. Three-wheeled scooter-taxis (called becak in Indonesia) are ubiquitous, but have no fixed price. For foreigners, they can often be more expensive than a taxi, and a becak ride is rarely enjoyable. Two longstanding taxi companies are: Blue Bird Group +62 31 3721234 Orenz Taxi +62 31 8799999
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