Guangzhou - Essential Information

Baiyun International Airport

Baiyun International Airport opened in August 2004 and is located 28 kilometres from the city centre. Flights connect to nearly 100 domestic cities and to numerous international destinations. There are bunches of express buses, ten to be more exact that will take you to the main destinations in the city. The buses depart from arrival area. Metro is another option to travel to the Guangzhou from the airport. The metro station Airport South is located directly below the terminal building; you will see the Metro signs when arriving at the arrival hall. The Metro Line 3 runs every day of the week from 6.10am to 11pm with an interval of 7 minutes and 30 seconds. You can buy your ticket either from automatic ticket vendor machines (only accept coins) or head over to the Metro Customer Service Center. The metro is a convenient way to travel downtown for a reasonable price. Taxi ranks are located on both A and B arrival areas, (just follow the Taxi signs) at the A arrival it is set outside the gate of A8 and at the B arrival it is set outside the gate of B6. You should only use a legitimate Chinese taxi driver and not just follow anyone who is offering. The legitimate taxi driver will be waiting on the line at the taxi ranks and make sure the driver uses the meter. Also, have your destination address written in Chinese to show the driver.
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Guangzhou’s metro opened in 1999 and is rapidly expanding. There are several lines operating and they run very frequent, making it an easy way to transport to different destinations. There are different tickets depending on your needs; tourists use mostly single-trip ticket. The single-ticket is only valid on the day when you buy it. The ticket can be bought on the ticket vendor machines at the Metro stations (they only accepts CNY5, CNY10 and the coins of CNY0.5 (5 Jiao) and CNY1 (1 Yuan). There is also the Guangzhou Transportation Smart Card and it is widely used on bus, ferryboat and metro.
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Taxis are cheap, quick and convenient. There are more than 80 taxi companies in the city, so you can easily get hold of a taxi, although it can be hard during peak hours. Each taxi company have different colours scheme, for example, Guangjun taxis are yellow, The GZ Transport Group drive dark red cabs and Baiyun taxis are in sky blue. Small taxi companies operate the green and golden coloured taxis. To get one easier you can go to one of the taxi stands. These taxi stop boards are mostly located close to the bus station boards and many of the large departments and shopping malls have special stop for taxi passengers. Always use a legitimate taxi driver, make sure the taxi has a meter and a taxi company logo on the car.
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