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Chimelong Safari Park

Chimelong Safari Park is the biggest wild animal theme park in Asia and home to over 500 species and 20,000 rare animals such as pandas and white tigers and many protected species like the giant salamander. The park/zoo features safari on wheels where visitors are allowed to drive their cars inside the stock area and then there is safari on foot. This is truly a large-scale park where to get close to animals and you can easily spend a long time here with your family.
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Shamian Island

Located in central Guangzhou about six kilometres west of the popular Tianhe area, Shamian Island, has a great historic significance since it served as an important port for Guangzhou's foreign trade during Song and the Qing Dynasty. Today it is one of the most popular highlights in the city and offers enjoyable strolls among old European buildings and gardens in a more relaxed and quite atmosphere where the traffic is controlled and with streets that are partly pedestrian only.
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