Phnom Penh - Essential Information

Passport / Visa

Visas for Cambodia are available at airports and land borders, and are easy to obtain for citizens of most countries (see below). In order to obtain one, make sure you can provide a passport valid for at least six months and a passport-sized self photo for your visa. Citizens from the following countries will need to make advance arrangements for their visa: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Sudan. Visitors from an ASEAN member country do not need a visa to enter Cambodia, as long as they have a valid passport. Be aware that overcharging can be an issue at land borders with Thailand and Laos. To avoid that, you may want to arrange a visa in advance. Online e-visas are only accepted at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports, and at the land borders of Bavet/Moc Bai (Vietnam), Cham Yeam/Hat Lek (Thailand) and Poipet/Aranya Prahet (Thailand).
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Best Time to Visit

Cambodia has rainy weather for half of the year and dry weather for the other half. The seasons can be subdivided into dry-cool (November-January), dry-hot (February-May), rainy-hot (May-September) and rainy-cool (October-November). You'll find the best weather in the dry-cool season, with an overall average temperature of 26°C - this is the most popular time to go. The rainy-cool season can be an alternative if you want to avoid the crowds of tourists, and the green landscapes boast incredibly beautiful colours during this time. However, so much rain might be uncomfortable for some, and if you're planning day trips be aware that water may flood the streets and make it impossible to reach smaller, remote places.The rainiest months are August and September.
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Health and Safety Advice

Vaccinations are not mandatory to enter Cambodia, but they are highly recommended. If you will need essential medications during your stay, bring enough of them from home - you might not find them in Phnom Penh. A good travel insurance is extremely important. Health care is not cheap in Cambodia, and at the hospital, payment is required up front, which can be a very serious problem in emergency situations. Moreover, you might have to be transported to another country for bigger issues, and it's very expensive (and still requires upfront payment). Please make sure you gather as much information as possible on the topic, and be safe. Avoid tap water, even if purified - stick to bottled water, which is available everywhere. Bring a good insect repellent in order to avoid mosquito borne diseases.
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Public Transport

Although many visitors still often use tuk tuks, cyclos or taxis to move inside the city, the municipality of Phnom Penh has recently re-opened "Phnom Penh city bus", an efficient public bus service that is a bit slower, but more comfortable than the alternatives. Moreover, they don't require you to negotiate prices with the driver, as other means of transport do. Bus tickets are very cheap, and you can find transport apps for your phone. You can find an alternative, private bus company at: Giant Ibis Transport +855 969 993 333
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Tuk Tuks, Cyclos, and Motorbikes

A good way to get around in Phnom Penh is hiring a tuk-tuk, a motor vehicle combining a motorcyle and a trailer, which has become traditional in Cambodia. Make sure to agree on a price before getting on. At night the price can increase. Cyclos, usually driven by elderly men from the countryside, are slower but provide a relaxing way to view the city and are slightly cheaper than moto-taxi drivers. Phone apps are also available to hail tuk tuks and taxis. Hailing a motorbike driver is also popular, but be aware: although this is a nice way to explore the city, cautious driving is required to avoid accidents. Phnom Penh’s traffic can be dangerous and road regulations are not followed by most drivers. Beware of traffic police on major crossroads. If they stop you, a money transaction might be necessary. Lucky Lucky Motorcycles has been renting bikes for years and has the largest variety of motorbikes. Find the company at:
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There are two types of taxis in Phnom Penh, those with a meter and those without. You find them outside major hotels or close to the tourist attractions. If you choose a taxi without a meter, always agree on a price before you start the journey. Two of the taxi companies offering metered taxis are Global Taxi and Choice Taxi: Global Taxi 674, Street 271 (Yothapol Khemarak Phoumin), Phsar Doeum Thkov Commune, Phnom Penh +855 092 889 962 Choice Taxi A13, Confederation de la Russie, Phumi Phlov, Phnom Penh +855 023 923 923
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