The Tunis International Airport is conveniently located in close proximity to the city center, and a journey to or from the airport should take no more than 20 minutes (depending on the traffic). There are two bus lines connecting Tunis city center to the airport. SNT buses run at 30 minute intervals with trips costing less than 1 dinar; TUT buses depart more frequently (every 15 minutes) and are more modern and slightly more costly. Taxis are readily available upon exiting the terminal, but make sure to either agree on the price beforehand or check that the driver uses an official taxi meter prior to departure.
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Best Time to Visit

Even though the best time to visit Tunisia, which has an essentially Mediterranean climate, seems to be the summertime, most of all for the seaside lovers, the "intermediate" seasons are definitely better. You would rather prefer to pay a visit to Tunis in April, May or October and especially in May, when the temperatures are already hot, but more bearable, and the weather is less rainy. In any case, the springtime (from April to June) is the best time to plan your trip, in order to enjoy the beautiful weather and the blooming trees and parks.
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Yellow cabs that circulate around the city usually run with a taxi meter, but make sure one is in use/turned on prior to the beginning of the journey. Oddly, the taxis with red lights on are those free to be hailed down, which those with a green light are occupied. If the taxi you decide to use does not have a meter, make sure to agree on the price to your destination before getting in. Cab prices are normally very affordable. Some taxi providers in Tunis are: Tunisie Taxi www.tunisie-taxi.com Info@tunisie-taxi.com +216 22 204 022 Taxi Mami Tunisie www.taximami.com taximami@gmail.com +216 98 201 300
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