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Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport is located 25 km northeast of the city centre. There are 2 terminals: Terminal II is the new terminal and services most international flights, while Terminal I, the old terminal, is the hub for EgyptAir and services both their domestic and international flights. There are large official taxis (called “limousines”) that charge a fixed rate for a trip to the city centre. A taxi for the same ride will involve some heavy haggling, so the official taxi may be the easier option. There are two city busses and a mini-bus that takes you to and from the Airport. Bus number 356 is the designated airport service, which is a large white, air conditioned, luxury coach. It runs to the city centre at Midan Abdel Moniem Riad (behind the Egyptian museum) and charges extra per large luggage item. Local bus No 400 also goes to the city centre, as well as minibus No 27. The bus stand is at the far end of the car park.
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