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‘City of Caves’ and ‘Queen of the Midlands’ are two names fondly given to the city of Nottingham, which accurately reflects its hugely diverse nature, rich with cultural heritage and modern day entertainment. A city with a fascinating past and an exciting and buzzing present, Nottingham has everything to offer – from high culture to haute couture and widely acclaimed restaurants to the world famous legend of Robin Hood. Visitors are spoilt for choice for things to do and see in this number one destination city. Whatever you are into, be it art, music or walking, Nottingham is sure to satisfy all tastes, styles and ages.


Population 305,700
Currency £1 = 100p
Opening hours Generally 09.00 – 17.30.
Some shops open at 10.00 and close at 18.00.
Newspapers Nottingham Evening Post
Nottingham Recorder
The Guardian
The Times
Emergency numbers Emergencies: 999
Nottingham Police: +44 1159670999
Tourist information 1-4 Smithy Row
Nottingham, NG1 2BY
+44 115 915 5133
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 09.00-17.30
Saturday: 9.00-17.00
Sunday: 10.00-16.00