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Antalya is the pearl of the Turkish Riviera - an exciting major city, and at the same time a paradise for swimmers. The coast has innumerable delightful beaches that suit all tastes and along the coast, you will find lots of high-class hotels and restaurants. Those who want to take a break and get away from beach life can make interesting excursions to antique ruins and beautiful landscapes.


Population approx. 758,188
Currency Turkish Lira, TL1 = 100 kuruş
Opening hours Usually the bank offices are open from 8.30am-12pm. In the tourist districts they’re also open 1.30pm-5pm, there are a great number of cash dispensers. With some exceptions, the opening hours of the shops are Monday-Saturday 9.30am-1pm and 2pm-7pm.
Newspapers Turkish news in English:
Turkish Daily News
Emergency numbers 112
Tourist information Alanya Tourist Information Bureau
Damlataş Caddesi 1 Alanya - Antalya
+90 242 513 12 40

Antalya Airport Tourist Information Bureau
Bayındır Havalimanı Dış Hatlar Terminali
+90 242 330 36 00

Antalya Tourist Information Bureau
Antalya İl Özel idare Binası altı
+90 242 241 17 47