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Örebro is an attractive city, well preserved with old areas along Svartån, the quiet river, and with new exciting architecture, business streets, pubs and cafés. And then there is ”Finrummet” at Storbron – with the grand Vasa Castle, the jewel of the crown. Go shopping, have a meal at a sidewalk restaurant or just admire the beautiful views. Within walking distance from the town centre, the beautiful seashore scenery of the lake Hjälmaren is waiting for you. And ten kilometres to the west, Kilsbergen, ”Blå Bergen” (the Blue Mountains), are rising with magnificent experiences.


Population Approx. 140,000
Currency Swedish krona
1 kr = 100 öre
Opening hours Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00 Sat 10:00-15:00
Website www.orebrotown.com
Newspapers Nerikes Allehanda
Emergency numbers 112
Tourist information Örebrokompaniet, tourist information and ticket shop
Address: Medborgarhuset, Olof Palmes torg 3
Tel. +46 19 21 21 21