Teide National Park

Teide National Park, a World Heritage Site with over three million visitors a year, is the best place to see volcanic phenomena on Tenerife. You’ll be astounded by the colours and the wild force of this surreal landscape overlooked by Spain’s highest peak at 3,718 metres. It is home to many local species of fauna and flora, such as the Teide violet or Tenerife bugloss, whose bright colours stand in stark contrast to the thousands of tonnes of ochre running through this unique landscape.
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Volcanic Experiences

Lava flows through the very veins of the Island, a result of Tenerife’s volcanic birth. To enable you to explore this aspect of the island, we’ve recently marked out five areas (Territorio Antiguo, Volcanes Legendarios, Los Dos Valles, Tierra de Contrastes, El rincón de la luz) which best showcase Tenerife’s volcanic attractions, showcasing wine cellars that reflect the Island’s magmatic nature, restaurants serving “volcanic” dishes, underwater eruptions, craters, volcanic cones and vents.
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