Lisbon - Cafes

After a day of sightseeing, a great place sit down is at a pavement café on Rossio Square. From here you will see the Baiza, the flat city centre that dates from the 18th century, between yourself and the river bank.


This is a fashionable café with good pavement tables where you can look at the people around Rossio Square. There has been a café here since the 18th century, but the current art deco decor dates from 1929. There is also a restaurant in the cellar.

AddressLargo do Rossio, Praça Dom Pedro IV, 24-25, Lisbon
Phone+351 213 460 579

A Brasileira

A Brasileira is a famous and classic café in Lisbon with magnificent, dark panelled interior dating from 1905. They have a newspaper and tobacco kiosk, and pavement tables which are looked at just as much as they are a vantage point.

AddressRua Garrett 120, Lisbon
Phone+351 213 469 541

Antiga Confeitaria De Belém

This is the home to Lisbon’s most famous cake; a custard bun called Pastel de Belém here, pastel de nata, in other places, and the perfect accompaniment to a bica - the Portuguese espresso. The recipe is said to have come from the monks in the adjacent Jerónimo monastery, and its secret is preserved by three bakers who bake them every morning behind locked and barred doors. About 10,000 a day get eaten!

AddressRua de Belém 84, Lisbon
Phone+351 213 637 423

Pastelaria Suica

This popular café is a favourite among many due to its history and the wide variety of pastries, cakes and fruit juices. The café was founded in 1922 and is located on one of the city´s busiest squares, Rossio. They have also an outside terrace where you can sit and enjoy the sun and your coffee.

AddressPrç. D. Pedro IV Rossio, 96 a 104, Lisbon
Phone+351 213 21 40 90

Cafe No Chiado

This café is located between Teatro de S. Carlos (Opera House) and Teatro de S. Luis (City Theatre). Here you can have lunch, tea or dinner. The atmosphere is described as cosy and you can enjoy your food or drink in the outdoor restaurant, if the weather permits.

AddressLargo do Picadeiro 10, Lisbon
Phone+351 213 460 501