Florence - Cafes

Where better to enjoy a cappuccino and an Italian gelato than under the Tuscan sun? In the bustling city of Florence there is wide array of cafés to sit down and relax on and if you have a sweet-tooth, Florence will not leave you dissapointed.

Caffè Pasticceria Rivoire

This elegant café is renowned for the most delicious chocolate in Florence. Both locals and tourist are frequent visitors and it has a perfect location at Piazza della Signoria.

AddressPiazza della Signoria angolo Via Vacchereccia, 4r, Florence
Phone+39 05 5214 412


Gilli is a liberty style café boasting Murano lamps, a frescoed ceiling and archs. This café is known for its good pastries and chocolates.

AddressVia Roma 1/R, Florence
Phone+39 055 213896

Caffè Giacosa-Cavalli

This is a historic café owned by the stylist Roberto Cavalli. Choose from a wide selction of pastries and cakes at breakfast and teatime.

AddressVia della Spada, 10r, Florence
Phone+39 055 2776328

Caffé Concerto Paszkowski

With more than 150 years of history, this is one of the classiest cafés in the city. Declared a national monument in 1991, it is a must for a morning cappuccino and pastry, where you can dip into the bustling life of a Florentian at arms length. In the evening, it is noted for its piano music.

AddressPiazza della Repubblica 31-35r, Florence
Phone+39 055 210 236

Pasticceria Marcello

At Pasticceria Marcello you find a wide range of pastries and desserts. Try the schiacciata fiorentina and the yoghurt cake with fruits. Light lunch is also available here.

AddressViale Europa, 169, Florence
Phone+39 055 6531510