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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is located 40 km southwest of Taipei.

There are several buses to choose from between the airport and Taipei. The buss number 1819 goes to Taipei Main Station and the journey time is 55 minutes. It departs from the airport every 15-20 minutes between 05.40-01.30 (03.00 additional departure). Tickets are sold at bus counters. There is also the buss number 5201 that runs between the airport and to Taipei City every 15-20 minutes.

The most efficient transport from the airport to Taipei is the high-speed train and it takes around 22 minutes. Frequent shuttle buses (leaves every 15-20 minutes) transport passengers between the high speed train station and the airport from 06.20 to 23:15. Ticket price full fare NT$30, half fare NT$15.
Tickets must be purchased ahead for each journey. Tickets are sold at the
Taoyuan Airport: UBUS service counters at Arrivals Lobby of Terminals 1 and 2.

At the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport taxis are located at the north side of the Terminal 1's Arrivals Lobby and the south side of the Terminal 2's Arrivals Lobby. Taxi fare is based on the meter plus a 15% surcharge.

AddressTaiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taoyuan
Phone+886 3 398 3728
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Subway (MRT)

Subway (MRT) is easy and fast to use around the city. Depending on the distance, the fares ranging from NT20 to NT65. You can buy your ticket from the machines located in every MRT station (coins and bills are accepted). An underground (MRT) one day pass ticket without limits on journeys, distance and can be used on all routes. Hours 06:00-24.00.


The bus network in Taipei is frequent and efficient. There are several bus lines operating around the city and most of them have English signs. At the bus stop make sure to flag the bus down when you see it. Ticket price is around NT16 on most routes within the city centre. Easy Card is accepted by all buses. Main transfer hub is Taipei main Station and operating hours for the buses are 05.30-23.00.

Phone+886 2 2311 3456
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Toll Free Taxi Hotline: 0800-055850.

Taiwan Taxi
Service hotline: 55688 by cell phone
405-88-888 by pay phone

Taipei Taxi Service
+886 935 998 959

Minimum fare: NT $70 for first 1.25Km
Fare above minimum fare:NT $20 per Km
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There are many pharmacies throughout Taipei:

Healthcare Franchise
No. 133 Déxíng East Road, Shihlin District, Taipei City
+886 2 8866 2055
Opening hours: 9.00 - 22.00

Far Drugstore
Nanjing West Road, Datong District, Taipei City
+886 2 2559 4835
Opening hours: 09.00 - 20.00

For all off-hours’ emergencies contact:
National Taiwan University Hospital

AddressNo.1 Changde Street, Taipei
Phone+886 22312 3456
More InfoZhongzheng District


Country code: + 886

Area code: 02


110V / 60Hz