Agadir - Shopping

Be it bartering in the bustle of the souk or ambling in the air-conditioned luxury of the stores in the new town, Agadir will cater for your every need. Whether it is hand crafted ceramics, leather garments, carved figurines or spices for that tagine you’re going to impress the folks back home with, be sure to have hard cash and to never accept the first price.

In the new town, the main shopping is situated around Boulevard Hassan II and Avenue du Prince Moulay Abdullah. You will find numerous boutiques and department stores selling a range of fashion items, as well as souvenir shops selling all manner of Moroccan trinkets and charms.

However, for the authentic Moroccan shopping experience, head for the walled Souk al-Had and wander around the winding alleys, breathe in the sights, sounds and smells of this lively marketplace. Here, you will find farmers selling their freshly grown produce, spices that scent the air and that are finely sculpted into pyramids, metalwork that has been skilfully manipulated into the most ornate lanterns, all this and a myriad of other curiosities and oddities are waiting to be discovered in the secret alleys of the souk.