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K1 Speed

The wind through your hair, becoming teary eyed from the sheer speed, this is what will happen as you enjoy the 4 wheeled beasts on the tracks. Race around using 20 horse power electric karts in an indoor environment. This is what K1 Speed offers, and they do it well. They offer a special 'Arrive and Drive' option which is especially handy for tourists as you can come and can race a 14 lap race right away with no strings attached. Gear up to race against your friends, family or even the K1 staff.
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Olympic Sculpture Park

A beautiful and iconic park of Seattle is located on Western Avenue and features an amazing combination of both art and nature. It is interesting to mention that the admission is free, and allows you to observe all art on your own leisure. Some of these interesting art pieces include 'Neukom Vivarium' which is a large greenhouse with various plants and trees. Another piece is the Schubert Sonata, a painted steel sculpture to honor musical composers. So when the weather allows it, visit the park and be amazed.
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