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Quebec City is full of history and this can be felt at every turn you take. A good starting point for your journey of exploration is in the middle of Old Québec as you cast your eyes upon the iconic Chataeu Frontenac. Then, take a walk alongside the fortifications of Québec and literally set foot on a piece of history. Once you have acquired that historic feeling, walk on down to Place Royale as you make your way to Quartier Petit Champlain and go on a shopping spree. After all that walking and window shopping, enjoy the green heart of Québec, the Plains of Abraham, as you sit down and relax, realize that you are sitting on what was once a historic battle scene in 1759. Québec City is full of surprises, and you will need all your time to discover what it has to offer, pack your bags, tie your shoes and begin your journey!
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