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The interesting thing about Montreal is, there is always something to do or going on within the city. You could go to the traditional tourist spots and visit the impressive Notre-Dame Basilica, or you can grab your hiking gear and travel up to Mount Royal for an amazing skyline view of the city. If you don't want to travel by yourself, it is possible to go on walking tours through the city and discover more of the historical district for example. The bicycle is also a very good alternative to walking and various bike tours are offered. Don't forget that the French influence is extremely strong here, so there isn't any better place for top notch food than Montreal. You can go from restaurant to restaurant and see what they offer, but be careful that the delicious smells don't already draw you in before that. There is entertainment, sights, history and food, what else do you need? Start exploring!

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

The most defining cathedral in Montreal, the Notre-Dame Basilica is sure to leave an impression. Walk through the middle of seating area, across the dark blue marble floor, feeling the serenity of the large statues watching over you. The immense altar with its blue backdrop lighting gives the impression of heaven on Earth. Whether you're into solo photography enjoying the calm and silent atmosphere, or you're in for more information by going with a guide, the Notre-Dame offers possibilities for all.
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Mt Royal

Step out of the busy streets of Montreal and into nature as you look from a distance at all the different lives roaming the city. Mount Royal offers a great lookout point that shows the whole city in all its glory. The way up there is a bit of a hike so bring good shoes, but once you're up there take a deep breath and let the clean, fresh air fill your lungs. Take a seat down on the grass, enjoy a good book or a picnic and let your stress flow away. Don't forget to visit Saint Joseph's Oratory, you can't miss it!
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Laurentian Mountains

Leave the urban sprawl behind you, and discover all of the beauty the Canadian nature has to offer. Hop in the bus or car as you travel past the beautiful landscapes to the Laurentian Mountains. Get your camera ready to capture the steep mountain sides, adorned with the bright red and green trees like a carpet softly laying over it. With its small towns, incredible mountains , and colorful trees, the Laurentian Mountains will be able to keep your attention for the rest of the day.
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Divine Chocolatier

Buying chocolate in the supermarket is one thing, having it personally prepared by one of the most dedicated chocolatiers in Canada is another. Amongst the busy streets of Montreal, there lies a small boutique called the Divine Chocolatier. Richard Zwierzynski opened his store after being inspired by Willy Wonka and makes sure his customers experience a memorable visit. Drop by and taste the exquisite chocolate, and don't hesitate to express your interest, the employees love to talk to you about it!
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Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

The noteworthy Formula One Canadian Grand Prix is held on this impressive circuit, located on the Notre-Dame island. Stand on the tarmac and experience the feeling of engines roaring past as the racers battle each other for pole position. To experience the entire track, it is possible to use your own vehicle or even roller blade along it, taking in Downtown Montreal on the other side of the river bank. Try to match your stay with one of the actual race events, so you can see the racers roar by!
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