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You do not need to be interested in ruins to take a trip to an archaeological site. En route, you will experience the countryside and the journey will take you through small towns and villages that you would otherwise have missed. A few kilometres from the holiday resort of Altinkum, in Yenihisar, lies Didyma, a great temple to Apollo. Didyma was a religious site and the oracle there was as famous as the oracle of Delphi. The temple was destroyed by the Persians around 400 BC, and the existing ruins date from Roman times. The remains of 120 columns give an indication of the size of the temple.
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Selçuk / Efesos

This excavation is almost as remarkable as Pompeii, Italy. Ancient Ephesus had around 400,000 inhabitants. The first town was built around the temple of Artemis – another of the ancient worlds’ seven wonders. The ruins visible today are from the Roman era. The remains of the Temple of Artemis are outside the ruin area. On the hill above stands the cathedral of St John, where the evangelist is buried. St John is believed to have lived in Ephesus together with the Virgin Mary.
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