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Höga Kusten, the High Coast, offers activities and attractions for all tastes, both on land and on water. Here you can go hiking in the National Park, Skuleskogen or in one of the many nature reserves in the area, canoeing along the trails or boating along the river. If you are interested in art and culture, this destination will please you. In the High Coast lives and works many talented artists and craftspeople who would invite you for a visit. For children there is also plenty to do. How about a visit to the ostrich farm where you can be involved in feeding the ostriches, or a day at Junsele zoo where you can watch the bear Loke and the white tigers? For those who would appreciate to be challenged with some ingenious devices, we highly recommend Technichus. Here is a selection of the range, the rest you can read about at www.hogakusten.com.

Ulvön & Trysunda

Ulvön island lies in Örnsköldsvik’s archipelago, at the heart of the High Coast. You get there by private boat or with one of the ferries that depart from four different locations on the mainland. On Ulvön island you find hotel, hostel, lodges and restaurants. www.ulvon.info The Trysunda Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful island in the archipelago. The harbour is well protected in a deep bay and is a very popular destination for boaters. Tour boat depart from Köpmanholmen. There is a fishing museum, guest harbour, service facilities, accommodation, shop and café. A wonderful island to go to for swimming and sunbathing. Trysunda Skärgård & Boende +46 660 430 38, +46 70 521 52 10 www.trysunda.com
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The World Heritage Site and the High Coast Trail

Höga Kusten was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000, it is the geological uplift of the land that makes the area unique. Nowhere else in the world has land risen to such extent since the last Ice Age and the area is still rising by 8 mm per year. The result is unique sights such as till-capped hills, rubble fields and exceptional caves. The World Heritage Site streaches from the High Coast Bridge in the south to Skagsudde in the north. The area also includes Skuleskogen National Park. This is a beautiful, dramatic undulating landscape with fascinating plant life and breathtaking views. Visit Naturum Höga Kusten, located at Skuleberget for more information.
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Höga Kusten

Welcome to Höga Kusten! It is no coincidence that more and more people are coming to Höga Kusten. For the sea and the wonderful archipelago. For nature and peace. For the culture. For activities and adventure.
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Nämforsen rock carving museum

Nämforsen along the Ångermanälven river is one of the single largest rock carving locations in Nothern Europe. There are some 3,000 carved figures and lines on the island of Notön, Brådön and Laxön and the nearby shorelines. The oldest of them may have been inscribed more than 6,000 years ago. The huge collection of rock carvings, the special landscape of sandy banks and the released rapids during the summer make Nämforsen a world-class cultural heritage site. Rock carving museum with slideshow, cafeteria and shop. Information and guided tours during the summer.
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