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Spanish cities are often described as party destinations in foreign travel guides. But Valencia is considered to have the best nightlife of all, even among the Spaniards themselves. This is partly because of the large – 100,000 strong – student population. The locals go out late, usually not until 23.00, and most bars stay open until 03.00 or even later. The city’s main party street is Calle Caballeros in the Barrio Del Carmen neighbourhood. Come here for a mix of tascas, bars, and clubs. Simply ask around to find out which night-clubs are in vogue at the moment.

Las Animas Puerto

Las Animas Puerto is one of the trendiest nightclubs in Valencia. They play R&B, house and music from the 70’s and 80’s, a great mix on three different dance floors. The nightclub is located at the entrance of Port America’s Cup with a stunning view over the beach and ocean.

AddressCalle Pizarro, 31, 46004 Valencia
Phone+34 963 94 29 48

Carmen Sui Generis

Luxurious bar with a hard to define mix of poetry evenings, theatre performances, and DJ's spinning funk and 1980's disco. Fortunately not all of it simultaneously. The 12th-century city wall can be seen in some places.

AddressCalle Caballeros 38, 46001 Valencia

Johnny Maracas

Latino culture reigns supreme at Johnny’s. Order a mojito or an Agua de Valencia (cava, orange juice and vodka) and move your body smoothly to the rhythm of the beat.

AddressCalle Caballeros, 39, 46001 Valencia
Phone+34 963 91 52 66

Fox Congo

This is definitely one of the best bars in the Barrio del Carmen. They offer a great atmosphere with tropical style and funky music. The tropical theme really makes it feel as if you’re in the heart of a rainforest, although with all amenities such as luxurious leather seating, spectacular lighting effects and an entire bar made ​​of Onyx (volcanic glass)!

AddressCalle Caballeros, 35, 46001 Valencia
Phone+34 617 70 74 22

Café del Negrito

A laidback bar with a wide array of people, including many from the artistic and intellectual scene. Café Negrito is something of a legend in the Barrio del Carmen. Not a place for hard partying, but rather to relax and talk. Negrito is also one of the last to close during the week when much else is closed.

AddressPlaza del Negrito, 1, 46001 Valencia
Phone+34 963 91 42 33

La Lola

This is a traditional, yet hip place adapted to these new times. Thursday, Friday and Sunday you dine while watching a live flamenco performance.

AddressCalle de la Subida del Toledano, 8, 46001 Valencia
Phone+34 963 91 80 45