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Mallorca has shed its skin—it has changed from package holiday island to pleasure island. Treasures from countless centuries have been given a stylish new makeover. These days we enjoy the cultural heritage from the Phoenicians, the Baleares (the original inhabitants, famed for their skill with stone slings), nomads, pirates, Greeks, Romans, Moors, Venetians, Frenchmen, Spaniards and all the others who adored this green island. Here you can live in ancient castles, farmhouses and renovated palaces. Today’s Mallorca is a place where lovers of luxury, fans of culture and connoisseurs of life can really enjoy themselves.


Population About 860 000
(380 000 in Palma)
Currency 1 Euro, € = 100 cents
Opening hours 9 am–2 pm and 5 pm–8 pm or 9 pm weekdays. The time in between is siesta time. Some shops stay open during the siesta. Banks are open 8 am-2 pm.
Newspapers The Daily Bulletin, daily newspaper in English
Ultima Hora
Diario de Mallorca
Emergency numbers 112
Tourist information Palma office
Plaça de la Reina 2
+34 971 712 216