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Bucharest is undoubtedly Europe’s best kept secret. Restaurants, bars, art galleries and museums are now springing up on every newly renovated corner. Travellers are steadily discovering this little gem of a city and seeking out Bucharest’s hidden character. Its treasures are well worth hunting for and visitors will find in their quest a place of warmth and spirit. Welcome to Bucharest!


Population 1,942,000
Currency 1 leu (plural lei) = 100 bani
Opening hours Banks and shops, 9 am-12 pm, 1 pm-3 pm Mon-Fri
Cafés and bars, 8 am-2 am
Restaurants 10 am-11 pm
Shops 10 am-6 pm, 10 am-5 pm Sat
Newspapers Azi
Nine O’Clock
Emergency numbers Ambulance 112
Fire 112
Police 112
Tourist information Tourist information office
Piaţa Universității, Bucharest