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Palazzo dei Priori

This is a beautiful medieval structure, first built at the end of the 13th century, and the subject of many additions and alterations over the years. Head up the stairs in Piazza IV Novembre and into the Sala dei Notari – completely covered in allegorical and biblical frescoes that date from the 13th century. Entering the palazzo from Corso Vannucci takes you to the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria and to two further rooms: the Collegio della Mercanzia and the Collegio del Cambio. The Collegio della Mercanzia is beautifully panelled in wood, probably done by German craftsmen in the 15th century. The Collegio del Cambio has two rooms, the second with stunning late 15th century frescoes by Perugino.
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Rocca Paolina

The museum is temporarily closed for maintenance! (December 2013) This fort was built in the mid 16th century as a symbol of the Papal domination of Perugia. Pope Paul III had his architect raze an entire area of the city – 100 houses, churches and monasteries disappeared, and the massive fortress was built in their place. Mostly destroyed by the citizens of Perugia in 1860, you can enter the foundations of the fortress from Porta Marzia, or ride the escalator up from the car-park at Piazza Partigiani.
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