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Catania is the second largest city in Sicily, framed by the Etna volcano to the west, and the Mediterranean to the east. It is a vibrant city with bars, cafés, honking cars and narrow alleys. Visitors can retreat to the cooler climate of the surrounding small mountain villages, or to the sea for a balmy swim.


Population 295,000
Currency 1 Euro = 100 cent
Opening hours Italian shops are open Monday-Friday 8.30 am-1 pm and 3.30 pm-7 pm (some stores open at 9 am and close at 8 pm). Supermarkets are sometimes open all day. Some shops are also open on Saturdays.
Newspapers La Gazzetta di Catania
La Sicilia
Emergency numbers 112
Tourist information Railway Central Station FF.SS
Piazza Giovanni XXIII
+39 95 7306255

International Airport "Vincenzo Bellini"
+39 95 7306266