The Best Travel Guide to Brescia
Provided by: Luca Lorenzelli/

Piazza Paolo VI

Formerly known as Piazza del Duomo, this is one of the oldest piazza’s in Brescia and home to a number of superb buildings, including two cathedrals: the Duomo, La Rotonda and the Palazzo del Broletto. La Rotonda, also known as the Duomo Vecchio, was built in the 11th century on the remains of the Basilica of San Filastrio. This is the only building of its kind in Italy – a huge cylindrical tower supported by eight pillars. The interior is simple and very beautiful. Head down to the very cold crypt to see the Roman remains!
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Santa Giulia - City Musuem

One of the most important archaeological museums in Italy, housed in the 8th-century monastery of Santa Giulia, founded by the Lombard King, Desiderio. This museum is well-worth seeing, not only for the enormous quantity of exhibits, but also for the beauty of the buildings: the 8th-century Basilica of San Salvatore, the 12th century church of Santa Maria in Solario (see the stunning 16th-century frescoes in the oratory) and the 16th-century church of Santa Giulia. Closed on non-holiday Mondays.
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