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Do & See
The great majority of Zakynthos´visitors are particularly attracted by the vast selection of dazzling beaches that the island has to offer. The Flower of the East though, manages to keep the holidaymakers entertained with a lot more options, ranging from museums to architectural beauties or ancient ruins. Covered by lush Mediterranean vegetation, the area that stretches along the southern coast from the promontory of Marathia’s Cape to the beach of Gerakas, has been designated as a National Marine Park, housing many engendered species and several walking trails.

Round The Island Cruises

Excursion boats leave daily (buy tickets the night before at the quayside or at your hotel) from all the island resorts and throughout the whole summer. The trips head to the Blue Grotto, a marine cave carved out of thousand years old white limestone cliffs, and to the so-called Smugglers Wreck, the rusty hulk of a Syrian cargo vessel that ran aground in the 1980’s on a spectacular white beach overlooked by towering cliffs, which, for its secluded location, is almost impossible to reach if not by boat.
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