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Nisyros is a famous tourist island located in the Aegean Sea. According to mythology, during the period of the Gigantomachy (war of the Giants) Poseidon (the god of the sea) plucked a rock from Kos and in anger threw it at the giant Polyvotis with the intention of killing him. This rock, which crushed the giant, became Nisyros, and the half-dead giant shakes the earth every now and then with his groans, thus awakening the volcano. The sight of it is quite impressive and a truly must visit for everyone.
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The Archaeological Museum of Kos

Famous Greek monuments and splendid artworks from different historical periods are exhibited at The Archaeological Museum of Kos. The most extraordinary displays here include beautiful mosaics, statues from the ancient site of Asklepeion, an extensive collection of prehistoric pottery and metallic objects, exhibits from a tomb of a young athlete dating back to the 3rd century B.C, coins, anaglyphs with various representations and many other items.
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