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Prague Castle and St. Vitus’ Cathedral

The whole of Prague Castle, the area which lies on a hill overlooking the city, is a must for any visitor. The castle’s history goes back to the 11th century and it is said today to be Europe’s largest castle. The gothic St.Vitus’ Cathedral, which took more than 600 years to build, is most significant and impressive.
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Grevin Wax Museum Prague

Meet world-famous celebrities and fascinating figures from Czech culture and history at this wax museum. The people, sorry - characters - are arranged in their own amazing worlds. The alchemy-loving emperor, Rudolf II, can be found in The Magic Laboratory with his magic potions and mysterious tools. The Old Prague Café features literary icons such as Franz Kafka pondering the ills of society over a draught of pilsner. You’ll find modern sporting heroes, Hollywood stars and Czech luminaries in their own little worlds. The museum is very hands-on, too, and will keep kids actively engaged with the Discovery Tour. Here they’ll see how a wax figure is created and made. They’ll touch wax and resin and see the fake eyes and ears that makes figures come to life. You can also have your own face scanned, measured and made into a 3-D computer file for free. Look out Facebook profile pic!
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Prague Pub Crawl

If a booze-fueled raging party with a bunch of fast friends through the renowned party scene of the Czech capital sounds like fun to you, this will be a night to remember (although odds are you won't). All you need to do is book your place, and then take your mobile voucher to the Prague Pub Crawl office, a two minute walk from the Old Town Square. Then you're ready (although a quick disco nap might help you stretch your night out until morning). The evening gets underway with an hour of free vodka and absinthe shots, and bottomless Bohemian beers and wine. This is your chance to get half into the bag while getting to know your fellow crawlers. You'll probably be tempted to drink heavily (durrrr), but if you take it just a little bit easy, you'll be able to party until dawn. After that first hour, your party guides will take you on an outrageous tour of Prague's legendary nightlife. You get VIP treatment at all locations, a free shot at the door of each of the three clubs, and you and your new friends skip the lines. It's the way to party like a celebrity, without having to drop thousands of dollars on Cristal and Cîroc. Your blurry whirlwind of booze-soaked revelry winds up at the five story Karlovy lázně, where the partying continues into the wee hours of the morning. After which, you'll stagger home. Try not to wake your hostel mates when you get in, because you'll definitely want them to let you sleep in the next day.
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1-Hour River Cruise + Audio Guide

The 50-minute cruise begins with a reminder of Prague’s cosmopolitan heritage. It sets off from Čech Bridge, which is the country’s only large Art Nouveau bridge. After that is the Mánes Bridge which owes its form to the Czech Cubist movement of the 1910s. It’s not all rarefied art though, if you pay attention you might spot a gargoyle or two on the Prague coat of arms.
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