The Best Travel Guide to Qingdao
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Badaguan Area

Lying between Huiquan Cape and Taiping Cape, it was named “Badaguan” (Eight Great Passes) after the eight great passes of the Great Wall. It is well known for the numbers of western historical buildings and the many beautiful trees and various flowers blossoming in different seasons. Huashilou, the original German governors’ villa for fishing, hunting and relaxing, provides a typical guesthouse blended with European castle styles and decorated with cobblestones on the external wall. The scene is gorgeous and the setting is a first choice for many newly married couples for their wedding photos.
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Laoshan Scenic Area

Named in the Tang Dynasty with the growth of Taoism, Laoshan is a household name for its vistas as well as the Taoist shrine. Laoshan Jufeng Peak, Liuqing River, Taiping Palace, Yangkou Beach and Nine Waters and Eighteen Pools are the main tourist spots. Thanks to the climate, this is a national park good for all seasons. Local travel agencies offer tours which vary between the southern route that covers both the Jufeng Peak and Taiping Palace, the eastern route to Yangkou Beach that covers both Taiping Palace and Qipan Stone Area and the central route to Nine Waters and Eighteen Pools.
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