The Best Travel Guide to Guilin
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Li River

If Guilin is a living entity, the Li River is absolute soul. Originated from Mao’er Mountain, Li River starts its journey from Guilin down to Yangshuo, just like a jade ribbon winding among the green hills to form a most poetic beauty spot. The reflection of the fantastic karst peaks in the water, the cowboys, the fishermen at leisure and the simple households along its banks are mesmerizing. The section from Xingping Town to Yangdi is the highlight of this magnificent picture scroll. While cruising down the river, you will see Ox Gorge, a narrow gorge and Wangfu Rock, a stone in the shape of an ancient Chinese.
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Drifting on Yulong River

The Yulong River is a big tributary of the Lijiang River, flowing along scenic hills, plains and villages down to Gongnong Bridge. Hiking and riding around the river is popular. Drifting on a bamboo raft is especially recommended for views that you cannot see from the banks. There are usually two seats on the raft and the space is large enough to have bikes onboard as well. With many docking places on the route, it is possible to choose to tour the river for the whole length or in sections. The river is good for swimming too.
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Impression Sanjie Liu

Sanjie Liu is the goddess of singing in legends. Against a natural backdrop, the large-scale performance creatively combines the classical Sanjie Liu’s Songs, ethnic groups’ culture and the fishing lights, reflecting a harmonious atmosphere between the people and the nature here. Enjoy the spectacular Li River, the colours of the ethnic groups in Guangxi province and the imagination of the excellent artists in China, for whom it took five years to produce the show. The performance lasts for 70 minutes and 600 persons plus actors and actress are involved.
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Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

With its unique landforms, Yangshuo is known as a paradise of rock climbing and has become a holy land for enthusiasts. There are dozens of climbing lines in Yangshuo with a wide range of difficulty levels. This provides options for both the complete beginner and an experienced climber looking for a new challenge. Recommended are They are familiar with every climbing line in Yangshuo and have experienced rock climbing guides, both foreign and Chinese.
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