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Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

Immerse yourself in beautifully manicured gardens, delightful royal abodes, and in the serene calm of this classic Khmer palace. The throne, used for coronation and important ceremonies, sits in a finely decorated room. At its side stands a small delightful ornate maisonette offered by Napoleon III to King Norodom. Walk across to the Silver Pagoda and observe the golden Buddha, encrusted with 9,584 diamonds, the largest one weighing 25 carats. Please remember to dress a bit formally when visiting the Silver Pagoda - wear long trousers or a long skirt.
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Reyum Institute of Arts and Culture

This is a leading art institution for young Cambodians. Its main vision is to be a forum for the research, preservation and promotion of Cambodian arts and culture. In contrast to traditional Angkor Wat paintings, Reyum students are taught to approach art in a thoughtful way which incorporates Khmer culture. Down the street from Reyum there are numerous art shops. This is the city’s artistic hub and an interesting place to explore and meet the local artists in their workshops.
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