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Do & See
The Seychelles' incredible biodiversity is an attraction in itself, with ample opportunities to get close and personal with the islands' most famous inhabitants – the giant Aldabra tortoises – as well as a countless other animal and plant species (most notably among the latter indigenous coco de mer). The archipelago's luxury hotels are the ultimate relaxation retreats, and active pursuits are available in the way of hiking through thick mangrove forests, diving and snorkelling.

Wildlife Observation

Many of the archipelago's islands are populated by giant Aldabra tortoises, and bird species number 250, 12 of those being unique to the islands. Mahe Island's Port Launay Marine National Park is the place to head for whale shark sightings, and Praslin Island is home to the country's national bird - the Seychelles black parrot. Cousine Island is where visitors are encouraged to take part in wildlife conservation projects (and spot free-roaming giant tortoises and rare bird species along the way). A mere 3km away from there is Fregate Island, known especially for its chelonian inhabitants.
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Diving & Snorkelling

The Seychelles' unique marine biodiversity and appealing crystal-clear waters create the perfect conditions for underwater discovery. For snorkelling, head to one of the best sites of the Indian Ocean - Sainte Anne Marine National Park - or take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim alongside whale sharks on Mahe. Diving is another way to get close and personal with reef inhabitants (humphead parrotfish, octopus, various types of sharks - including hammerhead, if you're in luck). Seychelles Underwater Centre
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