Welcome to Hurghada, Luxor and Marsa Alam

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Like so many of the towns and cities of Egypt, Hurghada as well as Luxor and Marsa Alam are living history museums. These three cities are positioned as three corners of a triangle in the Eastern Desert. Hurghada, a former fishing harbour, stretches some 15 miles or so along the waterfront and is one of the foremost areas for water sports. Marsa Alam is also found by the Red Sea coast, and tourism is just starting to make an impact. The city of Luxor, with its jaw-droppingly beautiful monuments built by the hands of ancient craftsmen, lies 150 miles or so inland on the banks of the mighty River Nile.


Population Hurghada: 261,714
Luxor: 506,588
Marsa Alam: 10,000
Currency 1 Egyptian Pound (LE) = 100 piasters
Opening hours Opening hours vary. Most shops in Egypt are open from 9 am-10 pm Monday to Saturday. Banks are open daily from 8.30 am-2 pm except for Friday and weekends.
Newspapers Egyptian Gazette
Middle East Times
Al-Ahram Weekly
Egypt Today
Egypt Insight
Emergency numbers Emergency: 123
Police: 126
Fire Brigade: 180
Tourist information Tourist Information Office Hurghada
Resort Strip, Hurghada
Open: 8 am-8 pm
+20 65 344 4420

Tourist Information Office Luxor
Corniche an-Nil, Luxor
Open: 8 am-8 pm
+20 95 928 0004