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A night out in Vanuatu always begins with a “shell”. A shell is a drink of Kava made from the root of a plant similar to the pepper tree and has been used for centuries throughout the Pacific. Vanuatu Kava is renowned for being the strongest in the world, boasting 32 active components. Note though, if you are thinking of indulging: Kava is not an alcoholic drink. It is an intoxicant, the only legal narcotic in world. It is not addictive, nor does it have damaging side effects. However, it does not taste at all nice, so skull it and then follow it with a sweet chaser. For it to have any effect the locals advice drinking two to three shells over a few minutes on an empty stomach.


Port Vila, as well as Luganville on Santo, has loads of kava bars, locally known as Nakamals. Ask your hotel for the best one to visit. Some of the most popular ones include Ronnie’s Nakamal in Nambatu, the Red Light Nakamal, near the hospital and Crows Nest Nakamal.

Melanesian Nights

Melanesian Nights are held regularly at most major resorts and hotels. These nights include kastom dancing, kava drinking, local string bands and traditional food. You can ask your hotel for more details.

Solo´s feast

Other feasts, not held in resorts, include the Solo’s Feast. At the Solo’s Feast villagers prepare local food and drinks as you watch.


ElektroRock is claimed to be the best nightclub in Port Vila. Here you can dance all night long and listen to the DJ playing electro.

AddressLini Hwy, Port Vila
Phone+678 25151

Waterfront Bar and Grill

Do not expect any wild nightlife in Port Vila, but if you would like to have a few drinks and a bit of a boogie you can head to the Waterfront Bar and Grill Restaurant. The Waterfront Bar and Grill is the focus of cruising yacht activities in Port Vila, and one of Port Vila’s most popular places to dine, dance and enjoy live entertainment.

AddressKumul Highway, Port Vila