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Broome is situated in north Western Australia, a two and a half hour flight from Perth. The surrounding region is full of colour, culture and captivating scenery. Fiery red ochre cliffs contrast with the unspoilt turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, dinosaur footprints tell secrets of ancient days and a multi-cultural population provide arts, performances and irresistible cuisine.


Population Approximately 16,800
Currency Australian Dollar (AUD) $1 = 100 cents
Opening hours Most shops are open from Mon-Sat from 9am to 5pm. Shops are open on Sundays at their own discretion.
Newspapers The Broome Advertiser
The West Australian
Great Southern Herald
Emergency numbers Emergency: 000
Tourist information Broome Visitor Centre
1 Hamersley Street, Broome
Open Wet Season: Weekdays 8.30am-4pm. Weekends and holidays 9am-2pm
Open Dry Season: Weekdays 8.30am-5pm. Weekends and holidays 8.30am-4.30pm
+61 8 9195 2200