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Southampton’s Old Town

The Old Town is a vibrant quarter based on its own historic identity. It has a mix of building design dating from the 12th century, through to high-quality Victorian architecture, to present day contemporary design. Old Town is clearly bordered on three sides by one of the longest surviving stretches of medieval town walls in the country, including The Bargate – one of the country’s finest medieval town gates. Today this area, full of character, is now home to independent restaurants, wine bars, and hotels.
Do & See

Southampton’s Parks

Southampton is probably the greenest city in Southern England. Close to the Old Town are seven Grade II listed formal parks, which have been fully restored to their former Victorian glory and have their traditional bandstand, rose gardens, elaborate fountains and imposing sculptures which evoke the city’s history and civic pride. One of them is Central Parks, located in the heart of the city centre. There are plenty of activities to do here such as mini-golf course, basketball court, a skate park and cricket pitches. There are also guided walks and regular music sessions in the bandstand.
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