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Glasgow is the 21st-century magnet of Great Britain, with an energetic, yet sophisticated vibe. Ancient culture mixed with 19th-century ideals and modern spirit makes Glasgow an exciting place to visit. Add to that the up-and-coming musicians that never seem to rest and the thriving nightlife. Glasgow is also home to many exciting modern Scottish restaurants dedicated to preserving their Scottish heritage.


Population 689,000
Currency 1 Pound (£1) = 100 pence
Opening hours Monday-Saturday 9.00-17.30 Many department stores stay open till 18.00, some till 19.00 or 20.00 on Wednesdays or Thursdays. These are usually also open on Sundays and public holidays 10.00-18.00.
Newspapers Glasgow Herald
Glasgow Diary
Emergency numbers 999
Tourist information Glasgow TIC
11 George Square
+44 141 204 4400