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Welcome to Bristol, the largest city and regional capital of the South West of England. Set around a historic harbour, Bristol is a bustling, commercial and creative city that, in recent years, has undergone a renaissance, finding its heart and soul as never before. It is lively and dynamic, with a mix of award-winning attractions, world-class events and festivals, and enticing shops and markets, making it the perfect choice for a short break.


Population 440,000
Currency 1 pound = 100 pence
Opening hours Generally shops open around 9.00 and close between 17.00-18.00.
Newspapers The Bristol Evening Post
The Western Daily Press
The Daily Telegraph
The Guardian
The Mirror
Emergency numbers Ambulance/ Fire/ Police: 999
Doctor: 845 4647 (NHS)
Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital, Marlborough Street
Tourist information Bristol Visitor Information Centre
1 Canons Road
Bristol BS1 5TX
+44 333 321 0101