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“The beautiful city,” as it is known in Turkey, Izmir welcomes the visitor with a demonstration of warmth and friendliness worthy of the renowned Turkish hospitality. A city of contrasts, Izmir offers the visitor the best of both the modern and ancient worlds steeped in history, while at the same time, a cosmopolitan and vibrant city. With warm summers and mild winters, Izmir is a year-round destination.


Population 2,8 million
Currency Turkish Lira, TL1 = 100 kuruş
Opening hours 8:30 am–5:30 pm for most government/office based businesses Shops from 9 am– 8 pm
Emergency numbers Police: 155
Emergency: 112
Tourist information Mediterranean Mah. 1344 Sokak No: 2 Passport Host, Izmir
+90 483 5117 483 6216