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Topkapi Palace

The palace of the sultans with its many courtyards and gates brings on a nostalgia for times forgone. There are several special museums in the area; highlights include the Treasure Chamber, where the famous dagger and Spoonmaker's diamond are true stars of the collection, and the harem, where the sultan’s wives and children lived (the two are not included in the ticket price to the palace).
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Aya Sofya

Aya Sofya is a remarkable mixture of Christianity and Islam, a church with minarets and a mosque with pictures of the Virgin Mary. The building is one of the wonders of world architecture which was only surpassed after a thousand years by St. Peter’s church in the 16th-century.
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Sultanahmet or The Blue Mosque

Built at the beginning of the 16th-century, this is the only mosque in Istanbul with six minarets. The building was given its name by the 20.000 blue Iznik tiles used in its construction.
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Boat trips

Boats travel along the shores of the Bosporus from Eminönü, they chug quietly under the bridges that connect Europe and Asia. One hour away is Anadolukavagi, a little Asian fishing village with lots of pleasant restaurants. You can travel to the largest of the Prince Islands with a Seabus, departing from Kabatas below the Dolmabahçe Palace. If you want to visit more of these islands, you can take the ordinary boat from Eminönü.
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