Guitars - The museum

Umeå brothers Samuel and Michael Åhdén possess one of the world’s largest privately owned collections of guitars and starting in 2014 the whole world has a chance to see it. You can visit the experience-based, interactive exhibition of electric guitars, basses, amps and music accessories at Umeå Guitar Museum. The museum houses about 500 exhibits altogether. Alongside the exhibition the museum arranges lectures, temporary exhibitions and presentations of new developments. World stars will also visit the museum during the year and hold ‘clinics’ – open guitar lessons.
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Västerbottens Museum

The basic exhibitions in Västerbotten’s museum deal with the county’s ancient past, its cultural history, the life of settlers and reindeer husbandry. The photographer Sune Jonsson’s fantastic pictures of the agricultural landscape of Norrland are also to be found here. Gammlia is a hive of activity in the summer. Historical buildings have been moved here from various parts of the county, and together with the farm animals and the people living in the cottages who are dressed in keeping with the period, they create an authentic environment.
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Umeå - with a lot of passion

Umeå - with a lot of passion.

Umedalens skulpturpark

Skulpturparken, Sculpture Park, which is located in the former hospital compound in Umedalen, is considered to be one of Europe’s most distinguished sculpture parks and is also one of Västerbottens most visited sites in the summer. More than 150 Swedish and international artists has since the start in 1994 exhibited their works in Umedalen Skulptur, an exhibition that is organized every summer. Today there are also 26 purchased and permanent works in the park. Skulpturparken also has a garden landscape in connection with the IKSU Spa, Umeå’s so-called cultural spa. The garden is created by one of Sweden’s famous landscaping artists, Ulf Nordfjell. Skultpturparken is open to everyone year-round seven days a week.
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Olofsfors ironworks

Olofsfors ironworks is one of Sweden’s most genuine and well-preserved ironworks milieus. Here, the manor house and workmen’s dwellings have been preserved as well as the blast furnace, ironworks forge and ironware workshop. These are available for booked tours all year round. During the summer months the area is opened daily and several artists and craftsmen are at place in their workshops. The old manor is now transformed into a restaurant and the old school building holds a café and a shop.
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Elk safari

A unique opportunity to be king of the forest up close. Get a chance to creep up to the elk and shoot it up close. We meet in Grano and go out to the family Olofsson’s cabin in the woods, beautifully situated on a lake. Good home cooked food served by Anne Gerdh Olofsson. Overnight in the guest house. You can fish and swim in the lake and enjoy the wood-fired sauna. Early the next morning you head out on safari. Extra Bonus! Since there are bears in the area there are chances to dog can make a bear. Then it becomes a bear safari instead! Available during summer.
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A group of islands with a fascinating history in Västerbotten’s only archipelago, forty kilometres south of Umeå. At the turn of the century this was the location for Europe’s largest steam sawmill. It is now an idyllic place with experiences for all the family. Good food and accommodation in a country estate environment at the Hotel Norrbyskär (see Accommodation). A passenger ferry operating several trips per day during the summer takes you to the island from Norrbyn. Summer activity.
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