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Galtströms Järnbruk

Galtströms Järnbruk on the Njurunda coast is not only Medelpad’s oldest ironworks, but also its biggest and last ironworks. The works was founded in 1673 and ceased operation in 1916. The well-preserved historic industrial environment is a fascinating ancient monument of national interest. The forestry museum has photos of the glory days of the works. Galtström church, which dates from 1680, is one of Sweden’s best preserved industrial churches and well worth a visit. Industrial history is not usually something for children, but there is even a Galtström for children. They can run around and meet the animals in their enclosures. In the summer they can pat or stroke cows, lambs, chickens and rabbits.
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Kulturmagasinet & Sundsvalls Museum

Something going on for children of all ages. Music, Family Sunday, story-telling, baby singing, children’s theatre, creative workshops, drop-in preschool and school holiday activities are just some of the activities you can participate in. Or why not take a look at Högomsmannen and his jewels in the museum? You can buy a coffee or a light lunch at Café Skonerten. Also library, city archives and the Photomuseum with one of Europe’s biggest camera collections.
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The Geographical Midpoint of Sweden- Flataklocken

Around 60 km west of Sundsvall, you will find Flataklocken. On behalf of the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, the Department of Geography at Stockholm University determined in 1947 that the geographical centre of Sweden was the lake Munkbysjön located in Västernorrland county. After a complicated system of adjustment and calculation, it was decided that the exact centre was the 465 m high mountain Flataklocken. Flataklocken is now a very popular tourist destination with a wonderful view. There is a wheelchair ramp from the car park to the viewpoint and open fireplace areas.
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